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United Arab Emirates

USD 4,104K

Voluntary Contribution



USD 4,384K

Assessed Contribution




Uses of funding

Type of Funding Uses of Funding Beneficiary Country/ Region Contribution (USD thousands)
Total 4,101
Education 48
Arab States 8
Global 40
Social and human sciences -
Global -
Culture 3,772
Africa -
Asia and the Pacific -
Bahrain 1
Global 760
Iraq 3,000
Kuwait 1
Latin America and the Caribbean -
Oman 1
Qatar 1
Saudi Arabia 1
United Arab Emirates 1
Yemen 5
Social and human sciences 282
Arab States 141
Global 141

Fundings are focusing on

Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals
UNESCO Global Priorities and Priority Groups
  • Gender Equality
  • Priority Africa
  • Small Island Developing States
  • Youth

Contribution to UNESCO Result Framework 2022-2025

The plan of action for the period between 2022 and 2025, structured by Programmes, Outcomes and Outputs.
Outcomes and Outputs Planned (USD thousands) Incurred Expenditures (USD thousands)
Total 41,927 14,277
Unknown Outcome 200 -
Outcome 5 - Enhance the protection and promotion of the diversity of heritage and cultural expressions 41,150 13,855
5.CLT1 - Member States capacities strengthened to identify, protect and manage tangible heritage 39,760 13,131
5.CLT4 - Member States and communities capacities strengthened to identify, safeguard and promote living heritage 490 182
5.CLT6 - Member States capacities strengthened to promote, monitor and measure the contribution of culture to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the local, national and regional levels 901 542
Outcome 7 - Promote inclusion and combat discrimination, hate speech and stereotypes 515 422
7.SHS1 - Member States capacities strengthened to advance effective policies and practices to achieve inclusive development through the promotion of human rights, scientific freedom, intercultural understanding and by tackling all forms of discrimination and racism 515 422
Outcome 2 - Strengthen international coordination for the achievement of SDG 4 and develop the global education agenda based on research, foresight and innovation 23 -
2.ED7 - Education policy and finance decisions to achieve SDG 4 are informed by improved coordination, data and monitoring, knowledge and innovative partnerships 23 -
Outcome 8 - Foster knowledge sharing and skills development in the digital age 40 -
8.ED8 - Technologies and digital innovations leveraged to ensure more inclusive, effective and relevant learning 40 -