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The implementation of the 2019 UNESCO Recommendation on OER will be supported through the following activities: 1. Reinforcing the UNESCO OER Dynamic Coalition 2. Implementing global events on the implementation of the OER Recommendation 3. Supporting OER Policy Development 4. Supporting OER Capacity Development 5. Supporting the monitoring of the OER Recommendation 2019 6. Identifying, assessing and piloting of innovative use of technologies for OER

  • On-going

USD 60,000

Total Project Budget

USD 29,271

Total Incurred Expenditures


Start Date 2022.01.01
End Date 2023.12.31
Benchmark as of 2022.12.31

Geographical Scope and Beneficiaries

Country Allocation

Financial plan

Type of Funding Uses of Funding Sources of Funding Project Budget (USD) Incurred Expenditures (USD)
Assessed Contribution - Assessed Contribution Communication and information Contribution to Regular Budget 60,000 29,271

Project contributes to

Contribution to UNESCO Results Framework 2022-2025
Sector: Communication and information
Outcome 8 - Foster knowledge sharing and skills development in the digital age Output: 8.CI4 - Member States are enabled to foster universal access to information and knowledge, including through the Information for All Programme (IFAP), as well as through Open Solutions, and through the identification, preservation and accessibility of documentary heritage
Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals
  • 10%
  • 10%
UNESCO Global Priorities and Priority Groups
  • Gender Equality | 30%
  • Youth | 10%
  • Priority Africa | 20%
  • Small Island Developing States | 5%