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The global Education sector continues to endure a tumultuous period of diminishing funding, as competing priorities in health (COVID-19) have diverted financial aid from the international community. Traditionally, international aid have supported lower-middle income countries in prioritising primary and secondary levels of education, but too little have been allocated to higher education. The project seeks to portrait the benefits for prioritizing international aid in higher education and also pursuits to tie dispersed information on the existing international aid architecture with a focus on higher education.

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USD 5,000

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Start Date 2022.01.01
End Date 2023.12.31
Benchmark as of 2022.12.31

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Voluntary Contribution - Institutes Education 5,000 -

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Contribution to UNESCO Results Framework 2022-2025
Sector: Education
Outcome 2 - Strengthen international coordination for the achievement of SDG 4 and develop the global education agenda based on research, foresight and innovation Output: 2.ED9 - Education and learning reimagined through interdisciplinary research, foresight and public policy debate
Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals
  • 20%
UNESCO Global Priorities and Priority Groups
  • Youth | 50%
  • Priority Africa | 10%
  • Small Island Developing States | 20%