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The overall goal of the PREPARED project is to develop an operational ethics and integrity framework, which safeguards key ethical values, supports a rapid and effective research response to crises and improves overall pandemic preparedness.

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USD 145,406

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Start Date 2022.09.01
End Date 2025.08.31
Benchmark as of 2023.06.30

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European Commission/Directorate-General for Research and Innovation
European Union (EU)

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Contribution to UNESCO Results Framework 2022-2025
Sector: Social and human sciences
Outcome 9 - Develop ethical standards, norms and frameworks for action to meet the challenges of innovative technologies and digital transformation Output: 9.SHS5 - Member States capacities and policies strengthened to benefit from AI, gene-editing, neuro-technologies, and other frontier technologies, and to address the associated risks, including inequalities and discrimination, in line with international ethical standards, recommendations and frameworks
Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals
  • 100%
UNESCO Global Priorities and Priority Groups
  • Gender Equality | 10%
  • Youth