Project ID 570GLO1027

With AI becoming increasingly pervasive and transcending national boundaries, it is essential that humans learn how to live safely with AI, and all learners need to understand what the impact of AI might be. To support Member States to respond to these challenges, UNESCO is initiating the project that will be underpinned by three enablers: (1) needs-driven AI-enabled futures of learning: (2) ethical principles: to develop ethical principles for the design, deployment, and applications of AI in learning and education; and (3) AI competencies: to develop a guiding framework on AI competencies needed by all learners to live and learn with AI.

  • On-going

USD 750,000

Total Project Budget

USD 276,487

Total Incurred Expenditures


Start Date 2021.07.23
End Date 2024.12.31
Benchmark as of 2022.12.31

Geographical Scope and Beneficiaries

Country Allocation

Financial plan

Type of Funding Uses of Funding Sources of Funding Project Budget (USD) Incurred Expenditures (USD)
Voluntary Contribution - Tightly Earmarked Education Tomorrow Advancing Life Education Group (TAL) 750,000 276,487

Project contributes to

Contribution to UNESCO Results Framework 2022-2025
Sector: Education
Outcome 8 - Foster knowledge sharing and skills development in the digital age Output: 8.ED8 - Technologies and digital innovations leveraged to ensure more inclusive, effective and relevant learning
Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals
  • 100%
UNESCO Global Priorities and Priority Groups
  • Gender Equality | 30%
  • Youth | 10%
  • Priority Africa | 20%