"Project ID","Project Title","Uses of Funding","Project Budget (USD)","Cumulative Incurred Expenditures (USD)","Start Date","End Date",Status 2210234021,"Mobilizing Environmental and STEM Education in Haiti, Dominican Republic and Cuba","Dominican Republic | Haiti | Senegal | Cuba",15000,1233.42,2022-01-01,2023-12-31,On-going 2210655041,"Promotion of Media and Information Literacy in Cuba and the Dominican Republic","Cuba | Dominican Republic",20000,7855.07,2022-01-01,2023-12-31,On-going 2210655051,"Strengthening digital skills and competencies in Cuba and the Dominican Republic for sustainable development","Dominican Republic | Cuba",20000,4960.14,2022-01-01,2023-12-31,On-going 475RLA1000,"Latin American Laboratory for Assessment of the Quality of Education (LLECE)","Latin America and the Caribbean | Ecuador | Guatemala | Honduras | Mexico | Nicaragua | Panama | Peru | Paraguay | El Salvador | Uruguay | Dominican Republic | Cuba | Costa Rica | Colombia | Chile | Brazil | Bolivia (Plurinational State of) | Argentina",5530155.31,5192903.39,2009-06-29,2024-12-31,On-going 513CUB4000,"Jardines de la Reina National Park: Technical support to strengthen management & possible future World Heritage nomination file preparation","Cuba | Senegal",49720,48826.63,2019-01-01,2022-04-30,Completed 513RLA2027,"Mangrove Restoration as a Nature-Based Solution in Latin American Biosphere Reserves","Colombia | Cuba | Ecuador | Mexico | Panama | Peru",1108530,78807.33,2022-06-08,2025-06-08,On-going 514CUB4002,"Old Square Project: Promoting culture and sustainable development within the framework of the celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Historic Centre of Old Havana and its Fortification System",Cuba,250000,17492.93,2021-02-01,2023-10-31,On-going 549RLA4000,Transcultura,"Antigua and Barbuda | Barbados | Bahamas | Belize | Cuba | Dominica | Dominican Republic | Grenada | Guyana | Haiti | Jamaica | Saint Kitts and Nevis | Saint Lucia | Montserrat | Suriname | Trinidad and Tobago | Saint Vincent and the Grenadines",15621429,6695669.87,2020-01-01,2023-11-30,On-going INT0128886,"Strengthening stewardship through cooperation in an economically and biologically significant high seas area - the Sargasso Sea","Global | Cuba | Bahamas | Morocco | Algeria | Dominican Republic",2652294,97467.47,2022-08-10,2026-06-30,On-going