"Project ID","Project Title","Uses of Funding","Project Budget (USD)","Cumulative Incurred Expenditures (USD)","Start Date","End Date",Status 2210164031,"Supporting Improved Use of Education Data and ICT for Education Planning in Iran and Turkmenistan","Turkmenistan | Iran (Islamic Republic of)",22000,3543.09,2022-01-01,2023-12-31,On-going 2210164032,"Supporting Improved Use of Education Data and ICT for Education Planning in Iran and Turkmenistan","Iran (Islamic Republic of) | Turkmenistan",6643.36,5302.93,2022-01-01,2023-12-31,On-going 2210214101,"Strengthening capacities for sustainable management of natural resources and biodiversity conservation in UNESCO designated sites","Afghanistan | Iran (Islamic Republic of) | Pakistan | Turkmenistan",15000,44.28,2022-01-01,2023-12-31,On-going 2210224081,"Water Science, Innovation, Education and Cooperation for improved water management in the UNESCO Tehran Cluster Countries","Afghanistan | Iran (Islamic Republic of) | Pakistan | Turkmenistan",23000,2353.77,2022-01-01,2023-12-31,On-going 2210244041,"Capacity strengthening to improve STI policies in Tehran cluster countries","Turkmenistan | Pakistan | Iran (Islamic Republic of) | Afghanistan",25000,982.57,2022-01-01,2023-12-31,On-going 549RAS4000,"Silk Roads Heritage Corridors in Afghanistan, Central Asia and Iran - International Dimension of the European Year of Cultural Heritage","Asia and the Pacific | Afghanistan | Iran (Islamic Republic of) | Kyrgyzstan | Kazakhstan | Tajikistan | Turkmenistan | Uzbekistan",4971627.5,2275250.43,2018-10-01,2024-08-27,On-going