Uses of Funding

UNESCO's projects encompass a broad range of expertise in the fields of Education, Natural Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, Culture, Communication and Information. Biennial expenditures are planned in each of these Major Programmes and for Corporate Services.

    Geographical Scope

    Overall Plan

    Planned Expenditure (USD thousands)

    Overall Plan

    Details by Programme

    Sector Planned Expenditure (USD thousands)
    Natural sciences
    Communication and information
    Social and human sciences
    Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
    Priority Africa and External Relations Sector
    Bureau for Digital Business Solutions
    Participation Programme
    Communication and Public Engagement


    Projects are a sequence of budgeted activities, regardless of the source of funding, that contribute to the Organization's Outputs and must be completed within an agreed timeframe. Projects can include sub-activities and can be linked to a wider Programme.
    Note: For projects with multiple beneficiaries, the distribution of budget and expenditure figures at the beneficiary level is based on indicative percentages.
    Beneficiary Country / Region
    650RER6000.22 Capacities developed for improved management of UNESCO designated sites Europe and North America 3,502 3,502 2022-01-01 2023-12-31
    650RER6000.24 Interdisciplinary initiative on the response to COVID-19 Europe and North America 10,051 9,899 2022-01-01 2023-12-31
    650RER6000.25 Digital transformation of museums in time of COVID-19 Europe and North America 99,667 95,891 2022-01-01 2023-12-31
    650RER6000.26 Ocean Literacy personnel Global 116,397 112,927 2022-01-01 2023-12-31
    650RER6000.27 Ocean literacy contracts Global 107,004 62,885 2022-01-01 2023-12-31
    650RER6000.28 Capacities developed for improved management of UNESCO designated sites (2021 IC) Europe and North America 27,444 27,383 2022-01-01 2023-12-31
    650RER6000.30 Capacities developed for improved management of UNESCO designated sites (2022 IC) Europe and North America 32,301 7,690 2022-01-01 2023-12-31
    662UNE1000 UNEVOC-INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR TVET IN BONN (as of 2008) Global 10,624,425 9,215,299 2008-06-09 2023-12-31
    665GLO2000 UNESCO World Water Assessment Programme Global 16,854,708 15,557,035 2013-10-28 2023-12-31
    700CMB4000 Building Disaster Resilience of the Angkor World Heritage Site Cambodia 170,000 92,016 2021-11-23 2023-08-30
    700CMR1002 L'opérationnalisation de la plateforme sectorielle intégrée du SIGE dans la perspective de la production d'un annuaire sectoriel de l'Education et de la Formation au Cameroun Cameroon 659,401 191,746 2022-09-12 2023-07-31
    700CPR4000 Gansu Revitalization and Innovation Project (GRIP) China 510,000 94,214 2022-03-24 2025-03-31
    700DRC1002 Projet d'Amélioration de la Qualité de l'Education "PAQUE" Democratic Republic of the Congo 423,500 412,157 2021-11-22 2022-12-30
    700GLO1005 Preparation of sections of Global Partnership for Education Annual Results Report Global 545,000 91,390 2022-05-09 2026-12-31
    700GLO2000 The Role of Sediments and Hydropower in River Basin Management. Global 280,000 279,867 2019-07-12 2022-06-30