Uses of Funding

UNESCO's projects encompass a broad range of expertise in the fields of Education, Natural Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, Culture, Communication and Information. Biennial expenditures are planned in each of these Major Programmes and for Corporate Services.

    Geographical Scope

    Overall Plan

    Planned Expenditure (USD thousands)

    Overall Plan

    Details by Programme

    Sector Planned Expenditure (USD thousands)
    Natural sciences
    Communication and information
    Social and human sciences
    Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
    Priority Africa and External Relations Sector
    Bureau for Digital Business Solutions
    Participation Programme
    Communication and Public Engagement


    Projects are a sequence of budgeted activities, regardless of the source of funding, that contribute to the Organization's Outputs and must be completed within an agreed timeframe. Projects can include sub-activities and can be linked to a wider Programme.
    Note: For projects with multiple beneficiaries, the distribution of budget and expenditure figures at the beneficiary level is based on indicative percentages.
    Beneficiary Country / Region
    808GLO5000 JPO (Germany) for Digital Innovation and Transformation Section, Communication and Information Sector, UNESCO Global 382,008 356,948 2021-01-12 2022-01-11
    811GLO1004 JPO France - Futures of Education Global 219,797 167,797 2021-11-01 2024-01-02
    811GLO1005 JPO (France) for Education Planning (BEI) Global 207,680 139,863 2022-08-01 2023-12-31
    821GLO0008 Junior Professional Officer (JPO) Government of China (JPO) Global 145,300 - 2023-03-21 2024-06-21
    821GLO1002 JPO (China) Education Planner and SDG4 Coordinator- for Regional Office for West Africa (Sahel) / Education Global 169,524 23,308 2023-03-13 2024-06-02
    821GLO2000 Junior Professional Officer, Ocean Science Section Global 297,948 241,998 2020-11-04 2022-11-03
    821GLO2002 JPO (China) for Hydrological Systems and Climate Change Adaptation (SC/HYD/HCA) Global 148,019 1,305 2023-03-13 2024-04-30
    821GLO5000 Junior Professional Officer for CI/MID - China Global 239,960 227,792 2020-07-06 2022-06-03
    821GLO5001 JPO (China) for Digital Innovation and Transformation Section, Communication and Information Sector (CI/DIT) Global 279,060 136,943 2022-03-01 2023-04-30
    821RAS2000 JPO (China) for the IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific (IOC/WESTPAC) Asia and the Pacific 165,032 - 2023-03-21 2024-04-30
    821RAS4000 Chinese JPO in World Heritage Centre (WHC) at the Asia and the Pacific Unit (APA) in 2023-2024 Asia and the Pacific 145,714 48,530 2023-03-13 2024-03-31
    823GLO0004 JPO South Korea - BFM - Budget Monitoring and Reporting Global 123,342 44,047 2023-01-16 2024-01-31
    825JOR4000 JPO Culture and Cultural Heritage Jordan 288,217 187,439 2020-11-16 2023-07-06
    901LIB2043 University of Benghazi Libya 19,282,739 19,140,446 1981-01-01 2022-12-31
    901LIB4001 Emergency intervention to secure museums and monuments in Libya Libya 1,017,515 515,498 2012-08-23 2022-12-31