Uses of Funding

UNESCO's projects encompass a broad range of expertise in the fields of Education, Natural Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, Culture, Communication and Information. Biennial expenditures are planned in each of these Major Programmes and for Corporate Services.

    Geographical Scope

    Overall Plan

    Planned Expenditure (USD thousands)

    Overall Plan

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    Sector Planned Expenditure (USD thousands)
    Natural sciences
    Communication and information
    Social and human sciences
    Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
    Priority Africa and External Relations Sector
    Bureau for Digital Business Solutions
    Participation Programme
    Communication and Public Engagement


    Projects are a sequence of budgeted activities, regardless of the source of funding, that contribute to the Organization's Outputs and must be completed within an agreed timeframe. Projects can include sub-activities and can be linked to a wider Programme.
    Note: For projects with multiple beneficiaries, the distribution of budget and expenditure figures at the beneficiary level is based on indicative percentages.
    Beneficiary Country / Region
    914BRZ2010 Support for the technical and institutional preparation of ADASA for the 8th World Water Forum Brazil 2,240,186 1,385,529 2016-04-19 2024-04-18
    914BRZ2023 Expansion and update of the processes of formulation, implementation and evaluation of public policies of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications in Brazil Brazil 1,782,909 276,666 2018-06-12 2024-06-11
    914BRZ2024 Development of the technological parks and the innovation ecosystem of Goias, Brazil Brazil 1,285,332 295,911 2020-09-15 2025-09-14
    914BRZ2025 Fostering local sustainable development in the economic area of the SUAPE industrial and harbour complex Brazil 1,193,319 916,486 2020-12-15 2023-12-14
    914BRZ2026 Improvement of the ANVISA technological capacity as a health regulatory agency Brazil 1,037,275 83,287 2022-03-14 2024-12-31
    914BRZ3010 Strengthening social participation and control mechanisms for Human Rights Public Policies Brazil 3,483,213 2,558,170 2012-12-28 2022-12-31
    914BRZ3047 UNESCO-related public policies focused on the rights of eldery people strengthened in Brazil Brazil 621,727 96,703 2018-12-17 2024-12-16
    914BRZ3050 Human Rights Education for the City of Sao Paulo Brazil 832,008 19,142 2019-12-13 2023-12-12
    914BRZ3051 Social development policies to promote and strengthen citizenship actions n Brazil Brazil 2,941,089 239,746 2021-11-09 2024-11-08
    914BRZ3052 Strengthening social development policies in the state of Goias Brazil 1,491,540 14,540 2021-11-03 2023-12-31
    914BRZ3053 Support to the implementation of the municipal programme "Pacto da Juventude" for young low-income inhabitants of Rio's favelas Brazil 6,359,066 1,533,759 2022-01-14 2025-12-31
    914BRZ4016 Valuing the Cultural Landscape and the National Park of the Jesuit Missions of the Guaranis Brazil 877,514 472,755 2014-06-18 2022-06-30
    914BRZ4018 Shared Management of Brazilian Cultural Heritage Brazil 1,731,341 1,035,309 2015-11-16 2023-11-15
    914BRZ4019 Safeguard of the Cultural and Linguistic Heritage of indigenous peoples recently contacted and of indigenous peoples living near borders in the Amazon region Brazil 2,264,073 1,516,918 2015-12-08 2023-12-03
    914BRZ4020 Strengthening and modernizing cultural public policies in Federal District Brazil 1,624,739 861,528 2017-04-06 2023-04-05