Uses of Funding

UNESCO's projects encompass a broad range of expertise in the fields of Education, Natural Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, Culture, Communication and Information. Biennial expenditures are planned in each of these Major Programmes and for Corporate Services.

    Geographical Scope

    Overall Plan

    Planned Expenditure (USD thousands)

    Overall Plan

    Details by Programme

    Sector Planned Expenditure (USD thousands)
    Natural sciences
    Communication and information
    Social and human sciences
    Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
    Priority Africa and External Relations Sector
    Bureau for Digital Business Solutions
    Participation Programme
    Communication and Public Engagement


    Projects are a sequence of budgeted activities, regardless of the source of funding, that contribute to the Organization's Outputs and must be completed within an agreed timeframe. Projects can include sub-activities and can be linked to a wider Programme.
    Note: For projects with multiple beneficiaries, the distribution of budget and expenditure figures at the beneficiary level is based on indicative percentages.
    Beneficiary Country / Region
    KYR0129350 Addressing hate speech and information pollution for social cohesion in Kyrgyzstan (UNDP project) Kyrgyzstan 50,000 50,000 2022-08-25 2023-05-31
    LAO0113551 Strengthening the national system in Lao PDR for assessing and mitigating impacts of development projects Lao People's Democratic Republic 45,000 45,000 2021-11-30 2022-06-30
    MEX0107038 SSTC Cities Project Pilot Initiative in Mexico Mexico 100,000 94,843 2021-07-01 2023-04-30
    PAL0116663 Strengthening Freedom of Expression - Enhanced Role of Audio-visual and social media Palestine 150,000 112,852 2022-05-24 2023-07-01
    PAN0107464 Strenghtening of the Comprehensive System for the Improvement of the Quality of Education (SIMECE), in 3rd, 6th and 9th grade students, to ensure the quality of education in the Panamanian System Panama 3,672,163 6,266 2023-03-01 2025-03-31
    RAS0122395 Strengthening the resilience of Central Asian countries by enabling regional cooperation to assess glacio-nival systems to develop integrated methods for sustainable development and adaptation to climate change. 6,192,694 236,565 2022-10-15 2026-10-15
    Kyrgyzstan 1,238,539 47,313
    Kazakhstan 1,238,539 47,313
    Tajikistan 1,238,539 47,313
    Turkmenistan 1,238,539 47,313
    Uzbekistan 1,238,539 47,313
    RAS0125455 Climate Science Literacy Asia and the Pacific 5,000 4,993 2021-10-15 2022-04-15
    SAM0118831 Samoa-KSI Samoa 521,371 458,204 2019-12-01 2023-02-28
    SEN0115373 Restoration and monitoring of degraded land in the groundnut basin of the Saloum Delta in Senegal Senegal 970,000 91,402 2022-04-25 2024-04-24
    TOG0115530 Sustainable development through biodiversity-friendly livelihoods: supporting rural communities in the vicinity of Fazao-Malfakassa National Park Togo 970,396 948,592 2019-06-01 2022-08-30
    UGA0120695 Strengthening Electoral processes in Uganda Project (SEPU). Uganda 96,300 46,203 2022-09-01 2023-08-31
    ZIM0132606 The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Capacity Building Project: Strengthening media capacity for responsible election reporting Zimbabwe 311,370 - 2023-05-25 2023-12-31