Uses of Funding

UNESCO's projects encompass a broad range of expertise in the fields of Education, Natural Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, Culture, Communication and Information. Biennial expenditures are planned in each of these Major Programmes and for Corporate Services.

    Geographical Scope

    Overall Plan

    Planned Expenditure (USD thousands)

    Overall Plan

    Details by Programme

    Sector Planned Expenditure (USD thousands)
    Natural sciences
    Communication and information
    Social and human sciences
    Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
    Priority Africa and External Relations Sector
    Bureau for Digital Business Solutions
    Participation Programme
    Communication and Public Engagement


    Projects are a sequence of budgeted activities, regardless of the source of funding, that contribute to the Organization's Outputs and must be completed within an agreed timeframe. Projects can include sub-activities and can be linked to a wider Programme.
    Note: For projects with multiple beneficiaries, the distribution of budget and expenditure figures at the beneficiary level is based on indicative percentages.
    Beneficiary Country / Region
    525UZB1000 Scaling the TPD@SCALE Approach in Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 431,372 407,005 2020-05-01 2022-09-30
    526AFG1001 Establishing a National Centre of Excellence for TVET in Afghanistan Afghanistan 6,633,663 429,396 2020-06-29 2024-12-31
    526AFG4002 Bamiyan Cultural Centre (Phase III) Afghanistan 3,519,602 3,503,238 2019-12-16 2022-12-31
    526DRK4002 Preservation of Koguryo Tombs and Mural Paintings in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (Phase IV) Democratic People's Republic of Korea 820,736 256,668 2018-11-30 2023-12-31
    526GAM1000 Youth Empowerment through TVET Gambia 2,200,000 1,543,367 2018-12-21 2023-12-31
    526GLO2004 Sustainable Water Security for Human Settlements in Developing Countries under Climate Change 3,130,000 520,217 2017-10-26 2027-10-25
    Africa 1,565,000 260,108
    Asia and the Pacific 1,565,000 260,108
    526GLO2005 Biosphere Reserves as tools to reach the Sustainable Development Goals in island and coastal areas Global 532,728 437,482 2017-11-23 2024-02-22
    526GLO2006 Senior Programme Specialist (P5) Secondment to Hydrology Division (Theme 4: Water for Human Settlements) Global 982,880 929,377 2017-12-04 2022-01-28
    526GLO2011 Senior Programme Specialist (P5) Secondment to Hydrology Division (Theme 4: Water for Human Settlements) Global 606,463 388,298 2021-11-15 2023-11-14
    526INT2007 EABRN 2022-2023 116,034 56,120 2022-06-02 2024-03-02
    China 17,405 8,418
    Japan 11,603 5,612
    Democratic People's Republic of Korea 17,405 8,418
    Republic of Korea 23,207 11,224
    Kazakhstan 11,603 5,612
    Mongolia 23,207 11,224
    Russian Federation 11,603 5,612
    526INT4002 Korean Secondment on diversity of cultural expressions Global 698,832 683,409 2019-04-04 2023-06-01
    526INT4003 Promoting the diversity of cultural expressions in the digital environment 409,901 164,079 2021-11-01 2023-11-01
    Asia and the Pacific 336,119 134,545
    Europe and North America 73,782 29,534
    526IRQ1000 Enhancing Employability for Vulnerable Youth in Ninawa Iraq 5,346,534 99,854 2022-07-04 2025-12-31
    526IVC5000 Support to the Amadou Hampate Ba Foundation for Enhanced Preservation and Accessibility of its Collections Côte d'Ivoire 588,168 66,674 2022-06-30 2025-06-30
    526JOR1003 Provision of TVET, On-the-Job Training, and Entrepreneurship Education to Youth Affected by the Syria Crisis in Jordan (Phase Four) Jordan 1,000,000 999,875 2019-12-17 2022-09-30