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USD 10,210K

Contribution volontaire



USD 105,347K

Contribution mise en recouvrement




Sources de financement

Type de financement Utilisation des fonds Pays / région bénéficiaire Contribution (USD thousands)
Total 5,408
Education 2,520
Africa 2,000
Asia and the Pacific 50
Cambodia -
Congo -
Democratic Republic of the Congo -
Global 470
Liberia -
Namibia -
Sierra Leone -
South Sudan -
Sri Lanka -
Thailand -
Togo -
Uzbekistan -
Zambia -
Natural sciences 348
China 28
Democratic People's Republic of Korea 28
Global 188
Japan 28
Kazakhstan 8
Mongolia 29
Qatar -
Republic of Korea 29
Russian Federation 8
Social and human sciences 300
Global 300
Culture 627
Africa 80
Asia and the Pacific 149
China -
Global 390
Kazakhstan 1
Kyrgyzstan 1
Lao People's Democratic Republic 2
Latin America and the Caribbean -
Myanmar 2
Tajikistan 1
Uzbekistan 0
Communication and information 403
Global 403
Financial management 145
Global 145
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission 348
Asia and the Pacific 177
Global 171
Priority Africa and External Relations Sector 24
China 24
Education 645
Global 645
Culture -
Africa -
Global -
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission 48
Global 48
Priority Africa and External Relations Sector -
Africa -

Le financement est centré sur

Objectifs de développement durable
Priorités globales et groupes de priorités de l'UNESCO
  • Gender Equality
  • Priority Africa
  • Small Island Developing States
  • Youth

Contribution au cadre de résultats de l'UNESCO 2022-2025

Le plan d'action pour la période entre 2022 et 2025, structuré par des Programmes, des Effets et des Produits.
Effets et Produits Planifiés (en milliers d'USD) Dépenses encourues (en milliers d'USD)
Total 11,106 5,048
Outcome 1 - Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all 4,682 2,052
1.ED4 - Learners are equipped with relevant skills to meet individual, labour market and societal demands through literacy, TVET, STEM and higher education 4,632 2,052
1.ED5 - Teachers trained and supported to improve learning outcomes and address the changes brought forth by the digital and AI transformation and the COVID-19 crisis 50 -
Outcome 2 - Strengthen international coordination for the achievement of SDG 4 and develop the global education agenda based on research, foresight and innovation 0 23
2.ED7 - Education policy and finance decisions to achieve SDG 4 are informed by improved coordination, data and monitoring, knowledge and innovative partnerships 0 23
Outcome 8 - Foster knowledge sharing and skills development in the digital age 917 281
8.ED8 - Technologies and digital innovations leveraged to ensure more inclusive, effective and relevant learning 917 281
Outcome 3 - Enhance knowledge for climate action, biodiversity, water and ocean management, and disaster risk reduction 2,451 1,424
3.IOC1 - Member States critically supported in strengthening their capacity to conduct marine scientific research, generate knowledge, and develop and implement science-based tools, services, and policies in order to reverse the decline in ocean health and accelerate the transition towards sustainable management of ocean-related risks and opportunities 2,451 1,424
Outcome 5 - Enhance the protection and promotion of the diversity of heritage and cultural expressions 1,581 537
5.CLT1 - Member States capacities strengthened to identify, protect and manage tangible heritage 109 49
5.CLT2 - Member States capacities strengthened to fight the illicit trafficking of cultural property and promote its return and restitution, to protect underwater cultural heritage and to promote the role of museums for societies 343 56
5.CLT4 - Member States and communities capacities strengthened to identify, safeguard and promote living heritage 612 236
5.CLT5 - Member States and civil society capacities strengthened to protect and promote the diversity of cultural expressions through dynamic and inclusive cultural and creative industries 266 84
5.CLT6 - Member States capacities strengthened to promote, monitor and measure the contribution of culture to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the local, national and regional levels 251 114
Outcome 7 - Promote inclusion and combat discrimination, hate speech and stereotypes 743 399
7.SHS2 - Member States capacities strengthened in applying social and human scientific frontier knowledge to devise effective policy solutions to advance an inclusive development agenda with the aim to improve the well-being of people, particularly the most vulnerable, addressing the legacies of the pandemic crisis and face the social impact of climate change 743 399
Outcome 6 - Promote freedom of expression and the right to information 163 151
6.CI3 - Member States and media institutions enabled to strengthen media development and media pluralism, including through the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) 163 151
Outcome 9 - Develop ethical standards, norms and frameworks for action to meet the challenges of innovative technologies and digital transformation 148 137
9.CI6 - Member States have enhanced their policies for inclusive digital transformation and AI development, and are enabled to address the digital and knowledge divides, including gender-based divides 148 137
Outcome 3 - Enhance knowledge for climate action, biodiversity, water and ocean management, and disaster risk reduction 373 44
3.SC1 - Inclusive knowledge and capacities of Member States strengthened to advance and apply science for sustainable management of natural resources, ecosystem and biodiversity conservation and restoration, and disaster risk resilience 125 43
3.SC2 - Water science, innovation, education, management, cooperation and governance bolstered for a water secure world in a changing environment 248 1
Unknown Outcome 48 -
Enabling Outcome 11 - Accountable, efficient and effective management in pursuit of the Organization's results 0 -
11.BFM1 - Prudent financial management, while strengthening of the internal controls and the second line of defense, supported by appropriate and timely management and financial reporting 0 -