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SJO has worked in the last years in the strengthening of different dimensions of education systems for the integration of GCED and ESD, involving technical assistance activities for curriculum review and reform, policy review and development, elaboration of education materials and the preparation of initial and in-service teachers. Through this workplan, SJO seeks to deepening this work through sub-regional and national initiatives in collaboration with CECC-SICA and MoEs to raise awareness and sensitize about the importance of continue prioritizing these issues in the education agenda during and after the pandemic, and along with that, provide with technical assistance to rethink and strengthening their integration in policies, curricula, teacher preparation and evaluation

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Date de début 2022.01.01
Date de fin 2023.12.31
Référence au 2022.09.30

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Assessed Contribution - Assessed Contribution Education Contribution to Regular Budget 30,000 27,449

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