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UNESCO works for a more open science that allows free access to the knowledge generated, and greater participation of society in defining research agendas. This goes hand in hand with greater gender equity in scientific activity; diversity enriches research agendas, making public investment more efficient and fair. On the other hand, for the population to become more involved in scientific activity, it is necessary to generate absorption and understanding capacities in the population with a better education in science. It is also necessary to build two-way bridges that allow the dialogue between society and scientific activity, which is why we support science communication in order to contribute to the consolidation of a scientific culture that is the basis for sustainable development.

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USD 43,000

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USD 869

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Date de début 2022.01.01
Date de fin 2023.12.31
Référence au 2022.06.30

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Type de financement Utilisation des fonds Sources de financement Budget du projet (USD) Dépenses encourues (USD)
Assessed Contribution - Assessed Contribution Natural sciences Contribution to Regular Budget 43,000 869

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Contribution au cadre de résultats de l'UNESCO 2022-2025
Sector: Natural sciences
Outcome 4 - Advance international cooperation in science, technology and innovation Produit :4.SC5 - Institutional and human capacities in basic sciences, technology, research, innovation, and engineering enhanced to advance knowledge for sustainable development
Objectifs de développement durable
  • 25%
  • 75%
Priorités globales et groupes de priorités de l'UNESCO
  • Gender Equality | 30%
  • Small Island Developing States | 30%