N° du projet 2210462021

Several challenges remains to be addressed to really tape in the huge power and potential of sports for enhancing economic and social development, inclusion and empowerment, peace and tolerance, respect for other people and for the rule of law, human rights, physical and mental well-being, among others. They range from the persisting policy vacuum to the poor sports governance structures and infrastructure, from inadequate investments in sports to the poor utilization of the little resources earmarked for its development, as well as the limited recognition given by African countries to the role and potential of sports in development, including traditional sports and games.

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USD 68,500

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USD 22,224

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Date de début 2022.01.01
Date de fin 2023.12.31
Référence au 2022.12.31

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Assessed Contribution - Assessed Contribution Social and human sciences Contribution to Regular Budget 68,500 22,224

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Contribution au cadre de résultats de l'UNESCO 2022-2025
Sector: Social and human sciences
Outcome 1 - Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all Produit :1.SHS6 - Member States better positioned to devise solid sport policies that (i) fully leverage the power of sports for development and (ii) attract increasing investments in sport, towards delivering inclusive access to, and fair practice of sport, quality physical education and multi stakeholder anti-doping policies promoting sports values, ethics and integrity
Objectifs de développement durable
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  • 20%
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  • 10%
  • 30%
Priorités globales et groupes de priorités de l'UNESCO
  • Gender Equality | 50%
  • Youth | 20%
  • Priority Africa | 100%
  • Small Island Developing States | 10%