N° du projet 261SWZ3000

UNESCO will take part in this joint UNPRPD Project in Eswatini by strengthening capacity of national disability stakeholders on corporate governance, coordination and the integration of disability issues in UNSDCF and national development plans.

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USD 72,941

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Date de début 2021.02.25
Date de fin 2024.02.24
Référence au 2022.09.30

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Type de financement Utilisation des fonds Sources de financement Budget du projet (USD) Dépenses encourues (USD)
Voluntary Contribution - Tightly Earmarked Social and human sciences UN Partnership on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 72,941 -

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Contribution au cadre de résultats de l'UNESCO 2022-2025
Sector: Social and human sciences
Outcome 7 - Promote inclusion and combat discrimination, hate speech and stereotypes Produit :7.SHS1 - Member States capacities strengthened to advance effective policies and practices to achieve inclusive development through the promotion of human rights, scientific freedom, intercultural understanding and by tackling all forms of discrimination and racism
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  • 70%
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  • Gender Equality | 40%
  • Priority Africa | 100%