N° du projet 700RLA1001

This FIT is for the development of the study design of an assessment, ERCE Post-pandemic, with the aim of knowing the state of students' learning after the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, assessing the learning loss on students in the region. UNESCO will develop the resources for the design phase of ERCE Post-pandemic, including Reading and Math tests and a set of questionnaires for students, families, teachers and school principals. The main outcome is to provide Latin American countries with the necessary resources to assess the learning loss among their students in the region. Key activities includes the development of study design, booklets, sampling design and fieldwork guidelines.

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USD 250,000

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USD 245,730

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Date de début 2022.05.16
Date de fin 2022.09.30

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World Bank/I.B.R.D./Global Partnership for Education
World Bank

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